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Resource & Land Management, Inc.

Grounded in practical land management - your advisors for agriculture, agribusiness & ecological services

Our Process

Our process begins with a phone call or visit from a potential client who has a land management challenge. As we talk through the issues, our first step is determining whether or not Resource & Land Management is equipped to deliver the results you are seeking. If we’re not the best fit, Resource & Land Management will work to find an industry peer who can help.

If your needs and our abilities align, then we continue discussing your goals until we have a clear understanding. Then we draft a plan with multiple options and a proposed budget. Conversations continue as we explore the options and arrive at what we mutually agree is your best plan.

The next step is putting boots on the ground. Mother Nature is unpredictable, so timelines and outcomes can change because of circumstances beyond human control. We anticipate this. If necessary, we’ll modify the plans and adapt to the conditions.

While we can’t influence Mother Nature, we can manage information flow. You’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way.

We don’t disappear when the work is done because natural resource management is a long-term commitment. It takes time for plants to grow, soil to heal and production to be evident even to the trained eye.

In our instant gratification world, it’s hard to be patient. Not only will we do our best to make sure your expectations line up with nature’s realities, but we’ll be available as you enact the follow-up activities that will help ensure your project’s success.

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