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Resource & Land Management, Inc.

Grounded in practical land management - your advisors for agriculture, agribusiness & ecological services

About Resource & Land Management

Our Commitment

We promise to:

Provide ecologically sound advice, always.

Never let short-term desires destroy or derail long-term goals.

Teach others about our natural resources and encourage them to continually learn about land stewardship.

In 1986, after gaining experience in forestry and recreational land management, Mike Petter became his own boss and founded Resource & Land Management based in Pleasanton, Texas. From the outset, Mike positioned Resource & Land Management as a trusted, experienced ally for landowners and land managers dedicated to helping them achieve their individual goals.

The formula worked. Many of his original clients remain customers and have become friends. As their businesses evolved, changed and expanded, so did Resource & Land Management to meet its customers’ ever-growing needs for practical natural resource management services.

Jeff, after working in ranching and banking, joined the family business in 2015 as operations manager and staff rangelands ecologist.

Our business is multi-generational, so we understand the challenges and opportunities that come with moving toward the future. With the aging of the Baby Boomers, the stage is set for one of the greatest transfers of land ownership and wealth in America’s history.

Again, changes like this come with opportunities such as fresh perspectives and challenges such as redefining and achieving new goals for the land and the family. Resource & Land Management is uniquely positioned to help make the transition as smooth and productive as possible.

Mike Petter

Founder and President
B.S. Forest Management (Texas A&M University 1978)

“First and foremost, we are land stewards – and we treat your land as if it was our own. Every action we take is designed to achieve your goals while keeping the well-being and health of the land asset in mind.”

Prior to founding Resource & Land Management, Mike, who is a Certified Forester (Society of American Foresters) worked for Hercules Inc. in Hattiesburg, Mississippi as a procurement forester and harvesting superintendent before returning to Texas to serve as the State Land Manager for The American Sportsman’s Club, procuring and managing more than 400,000 acres of recreational lands. He is also a licensed real estate broker specializing in farm and ranch as well as conservation real estate.

In addition to his work experience, Mike actively serves the natural resource industry and Texas through many organizations including the Society of American Foresters, Quail Unlimited, Texas Brigades, Texas Alliance of Land Brokers and the Education Service Center Region 20 as a board member, where he works to include more hands-on outdoor learning in public education.

He is a graduate of the Texas Agriculture Lifetime Leadership program, 2010 Man of the Year in Texas Agriculture (Texas County Agricultural Agents Association), 2010 Presidential Field Forester (Society of American Foresters), and 2019 Volunteer of the Year (Texas Wildlife Association), honoring his commitment to sharing the outdoors and teaching people about Texas from the soil up.

A native of West Columbia, Texas, he and his wife, Denise, a retired science educator, have lived in Pleasanton since 1986. They have two sons: Andy and Jeff.

Jeffrey Petter

Manager of Operations & Staff Rangeland Ecologist
B.S. Rangeland Ecology and Management (Texas A&M University 2004)

“One of my greatest joys in this business is seeing productivity returned to land that has seen better days. Providing regenerative management solutions, which leaves the land better than we found it, is our stewardship legacy.”

Prior to joining Resource & Land Management, Jeff co-founded Catoico Resource Management, a multi-faceted company that included managing farm and ranchlands as part of private portfolios. He also worked as farm and ranch manager for US Trust based in Midland where he oversaw and managed a multi-client, multi-property land portfolio encompassing more than 225,000 acres.

Because of his time in the heart of the Permian Basin, Jeff gained a strong understanding of oilfield development’s impact on land and how to mitigate the impacts as well as mediate the relationship between landowners and energy companies He is as comfortable on the land as he is in the board room.

Before joining US Trust he worked for a family who owned several large South Texas ranches dedicated to cattle and wildlife. Holding a variety of positions, Jeff developed his management skills, and expanded his knowledge of rangelands, cattle, and wildlife management. The years Jeff spent on these large ranches with their unique ecosystems provided him hands-on experience with a variety of traditional ranching operations as well unique projects that many ranch and natural resource managers don’t ever encounter.

In addition to his work experience, Jeff is involved with the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Associations - Young Leadership Program, and serves the natural resource industry and his local community through organizations such the Ranch Brigade and his church.

Jeff and his wife Jill live in Pleasanton with their son Jack.

Courtney Cobb

B.S. Natural Resources Management, Range Conservation (Texas Tech University 2017)
M.S. Wildlife, Aquatic, and Wildlands Science and Management (Texas Tech University 2019)

“Generations of my family have instilled in me a passion for land stewardship. It's not only my desire, but my duty to pass on the knowledge I have acquired in natural resource management to others.”

Prior to joining Resource & Land Management, Courtney attended Texas Tech University and received her B.S. and M.S. degree studying Natural Resources Management, focusing on rangeland management and conservation. Courtney conducted research in the Gulf Coast Prairies and South Texas Plains ecoregions of Texas studying the effect of invasive brush species such as huisache and honey mesquite on understory forage characteristics.

Courtney is a member of the Texas Section of the Society of Range Management and Texas Wildlife Association, and has been actively involved in the Texas Brigades organization since 2009 serving as a volunteer, instructor, and committee member.

Courtney was raised on a ranch in Mertzon, Texas where land management and stewardship are a top priority to her and her family. She has always had a passion for the outdoors and learning more about land management. Ultimately, she understands the importance of being a good steward of the land in order to have a positive influence on natural resource conservation for the generations to come. Courtney currently lives in New Braunfels, Texas with her husband, Colton.

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