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Resource & Land Management, Inc.

Grounded in practical land management - your advisors for agriculture, agribusiness & ecological services

Hard Work. Knowledge. Passion.

Resource & Land Management, Inc. enhances the productivity of working lands, whether those land are producing food, fiber, timber or environmental benefits such as wildlife habitat, flood control or clean water. It’s your land. Identifying and achieving your goals is our primary objective.

Since 1986, we’ve worked alongside landowners throughout the Gulf Coast states as advisors and hands-on service providers. Whether you need a consultation to help you determine your best course of action, a detailed plan and experienced crew to implement your vision, or both, the Resources & Land Management team is committed to progressive productivity. We exist to help land improve over time.

Mother Nature isn’t static, and she isn’t “here today and gone tomorrow.” Neither are we. While we are willing to and capable of handling one-and-done projects, we prefer to take the long view when it comes to both natural resource management and relationships. Consistent monitoring, adaptive management and open communication every step of the way are our hallmarks.

Resource & Land Management, based in Pleasanton, Texas, works primarily in the Gulf States focusing our expertise in the following areas: range management and wildlife habitat improvement; mitigation bank services; environmental management and consulting to mention just a few.

At Resource & Land Management, we create prescriptions for enhanced productivity, so our services don’t fit into neat categories. Experience has taught us one size doesn’t fit all—and it shouldn’t—so we tailor our work to meet your needs.

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